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700 Gallon Reef Tank Update

With this install right around the corner we thought that we would give all of you an update with this exciting project. We have decided to go with a custom 72''x 24''x 16'' Bashsea Sump. The filter socks have been replaced with 4 Klir filter Roller mats. We chose to go with this as it would reduce the need to be swapping out filter pads and filter socks on a weekly basis. Next we have a large central compartment where the bulk of the filtration will be done. The heavy lifting will be done by two Reef Octopus Regale 300 SSS skimmers. The return pump for this system is an M1 vectra this pump will also feed our custom GEO calcium reactor. We will also have a reactor manifold on this system. This closed loop will be powered my a S1 vectra. We wanted to maximize the turn over time of the system and did not want the main return pump to have to be the only pump on the system. This closed loop will feature to Pax Bellum reactors as well as Two 50 wall Pentair UV Sterilizers. This tank is going in front of a window and we want to be able to control any algae situations. That being said the building that it is going in is made out of glass and has a state of the art heating a cooling system as well as a shade system.

The brains of this will be powered by a Neptune Apex Controller as well as an Alkatronic. We chose this setup as through our own research and experience this is the best controller on the market. The Apex will monitor Salinity, Ph, ORP and temperature as well as the Ph of our calcium reactor.

The aquascape will be very minimalist as we want to main focus of this aquarium to be on the fish and coral. We have used the golden ratio as our guide so that is pleasing to the eye. We have chosen to go with Marco Flat cut rocks as these provide very stable aquascapes.

Lighting for this system will be provide by 10 Kessil A360X tuna blues. We here at Gaia are a strong advocate for kessil as we find that there spared as well as color blending is very pleasing to the eye. We also like the simple mounting options.

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