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Bounce Mushrooms (Rhodactis sp.)

Bounce Mushrooms are one of our favorite corals. These Mushroom corals are in the genus rhodactis. The reason that these mushrooms are called bounce mushrooms is because they develop large bubbles on the top of their heads. There are two main theories as to why this happens. The first is that there is a factor in the water chemistry that causes bounce mushrooms to develop these bubbles. This factor is a trace element or an over-abundance of magnesium. The second theory is that they are over exposed to UV light. In this case, when the coral is exposed for long periods of UV light, the coral forms bubble-like mutations.

In the aquarium industry, bounce mushrooms are highly sought after and can be very expensive depending on the linage of the coral as well as its coloration. One of the mosnt Highly sought after Bounce Mushrooms is the WWC Bounce. This coral is 100% aqua-cultured and can be traced back to a single coral that can be found at World Wide Corals in Orlando Florida. This coral also exhibits some striking bright colors of orange, yellow and green. The one that you can see in our feed is unique as some of the bubbles on the coral are multicolored.

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